9.00am A member of staff greets the children and parents/carers on arrival at pre-school, checking the children off in the register. All children have free play and can choose to stay in the main hall or go onto the stage. The children are given a wide range of activities to choose from at this time and these include role play, construction, small world, 'writing' and 'number' activities, puzzles, games, malleable materials, ICT, creative and physical. Once all the children have arrived and the parents have left, the garden is also open. Children will be actively encouraged to participate in the days Adult Led activity. This is so we can observe and monitor their development and progression in particular areas.

9.20am Group time. The children split into three groups led by their keyperson. We sing a Good Morning song, use the children's name card, play counting games and talk about the days of the week and the weather.

10.00am The rolling snack bar is opened and the children are supported to wash their hands before they visit the area. The snack bar is open for approx. 30 minutes and provide a great opportunity for social interaction in smaller groups.

11.00am Circle time. The children sit on chairs and take part adult led games and singing. This lasts approximately 10/15 minutes.

11.45am Tidy up time. The triangle is rung and the children are all asked to assist in the tidying up of the hall. The children sit again in the book corner for a story.

12.00 Those children not staying to lunch are collected by their parent/carer. The children staying for lunch club go to the toilet and wash their hands. Members of staff sit with the children and we all have lunch together. We continue with quieter activities until 1.00pm.

1.00pm The children not staying until 3.00pm are collected by their parent/carer.

1.30pm All of the children are encouraged to lay/sit down on a yoga mat with cushion and listen to a story.

1.45pm The children continue with free play and an adult led activity is also on offer, this may be an art activity, malleable activity or board games.

2.15pm The children are offered a drink and a cracker. Free play continues.

3.00pm The children are collected by their parent/carer.
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